About Us
QC-Light is a professional Eco-Solution light producer . We produce LED luminaires and Non-Fossil energy devices. First and foremost, we see ourselves as selling lights for the future, not just luminaires and equipment. The QC led lighting products are not only limited to enhance the efficacy(lm/w) and every dollar lumens (lm/$), but overall improvement from the product structure and material, toward simplify design, improve light quality, and reduce the cost, such as the direction of a breakthrough to provide quality LED lighting products at a reasonable cost.
We control our product quality from LEDs to finished product. QC-Light is a registered brand name.QC-Lights factory utilizes the most modern equipment including SMT assembly lines, auto soldering lines, opto-electrical test devices and light & optical distribution analysis devices.OEM and ODM orders are welcomed.
Our professional design team and engineers, along with our knowledgeable sales staff, will advise you which kind of products and what specifications will best fit your needs. Please contact us now.

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